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Week 1 (15-21 July 2002)

  1. Carla at the Süleymaniye Mosque
  2. A view of the Bosphorous
  3. The covered market
  4. Washing feet outside a mosque
  5. Aya Sophia (ex-church, now a mosque)
  6. Sound & light show at the Blue Mosque
  7. All that remains of the Hippodrome
  8. Inside the Blue Mosque
  9. The Blue Mosque
  10. Istanbul from a Bosphorous ferry
  1. Giant reclining Buddha in Wat Pho
  2. Religious stupas in the Wat
  3. Monks praying in the Wat
  4. The main hall in the Wat
  5. 5.5 tonne gold Buddha in Wat Traimit
  6. A tuk-tuk in a busy Bangkok street
  7. A (blurry) Sikh temple in Chinatown
  8. Me drinking from a coconut at the Weekend Market

Week 2 (22-28 July)

  1. Wat Arun from a long-tail boat
  2. Houses along the canal
  3. The Intrepid group in the boat
  1. Carla & me on an elephant
  2. Still on the elephant, Andy & Michelle behind
  3. Carla takes control of the elephant
  4. Carla & me on a bamboo raft
  5. Temple ruins in the old city
  6. A stupa in the old city
  7. A view from Wat Phra That Doi Suthep
  8. Wood carvings at the Wat
  9. Prayers in the Wat
  10. Golden buildings in the Wat
  11. Dancing display at the Night Market
  1. Lunch at Cabbages & Condoms before we start
  2. School concert at the Thai Homestay
  3. Sticky rice dinner at the Homestay
  4. More of the dinner
  5. A praying mantis interrupts dinner
  6. DAY 1 - Getting ready to go
  7. The "before" shot
  8. Resting at the top of a steep hill
  9. Climbing another hill
  10. Dancers at the first night's village (Lisu)
  11. DAY 2 - An animistic Spirit Gate
  12. A swing from an Akha tribe ceremony
  13. Our guide, Kun Ali, & his family (Lisu)
  14. The second night's Asterix-like village (Akha)
  1. Wutung, our highly communicative deaf friend
  2. Wutung in the boys' hut (pigs underneath)
  3. DAY 3 - Setting out from the village
  4. Trekking through long grass
  5. A hut in a paddy field
  6. Walking on a ridge between paddy fields
  7. The road to the third night's village (Akha/Karen)
  8. A tribeswoman weaving straw
  9. Carla's nasty mosquito reaction
  10. Dinner outside the boys' hut
  11. Water buffalo behind the girls' hut
  12. The toilet
  13. DAY 4 - A waterfall photo op
  14. The group at the waterfall
  15. More of the waterfall
  16. Kun Agar, Ali & Along - our guides
  17. Carla in a corn field
  18. The "after" shot (note the facial hair)

Week 3 (29 July-4 August)

  1. Carp at the Wat Tham Pla - Monkey Temple
  2. A cave temple at the wat
  3. The cave entrance
  4. Some of the monkeys themselves
  1. Mae Sai - Northern-most point of Thailand
  2. The border with Myanmar (Burma)
  3. Golden Triangle photo op
  4. Long-tail boat to Don Sao
  5. Don Sao, a Laotian Island
  1. Giant Buddha at Wat Panan Chaeng
  2. Front view of the Buddha
  3. Shrouded icons at Wat Yai Chaya Mongkol
  1. Aerial view of temple ruins
  2. Long line of shrouded Buddhas
  3. Root-wrapped Buddha head at Wat Phra Mahathat
  4. Different periods of ruins at the wat
  5. More temple ruins
  1. Carla in a bicycle rickshaw
  2. Me in a bicylce rickshaw (in the rain)
  3. Bridge on the River Kwai
  4. Swimming at the Erawan Falls
  5. Andy under a waterfall
  6. The bottom of the waterfall
  7. Me stroking a tiger at the Tiger Temple
  8. Carla stroking the tiger
  9. A leopard in its cage
  10. Up close with a gibbon
  11. Me with bambi
  12. Water buffalo grazing
  13. Karaoke in the evening
  1. Walkway up to a cave temple
  2. Inside the cave temple
  3. View of the river
  4. Our jolly rafthouse
  5. Swimming off the back of the raft
  6. Wat Tham Seua from the river
  7. Walking to the wat in a monsoon
  8. Everyone else rescuing baby terrapins
  9. Big dinner on top of the rafthouse
  10. More dinner
  11. Reading "Bridge on the River Kwai"
  1. Wat Phra Kaew in the Royal Palace
  2. A golden stupa in the palace
  3. Bonsai in the palace grounds
  4. Statue of the Emerald Buddha
  5. Our final group meal
  6. Michelle with cocktails
  7. The busy Khao San Road
  8. The Vimanmek Teak Mansion
  9. Crocodiles at the zoo

Week 4 (5-11 August)

  1. Monkeys across the river from our lodge
  2. One monkey comes closer for a banana
  3. An iguana in the jungle
  4. And a caterpillar
  5. Bang Le-Ap waterfall
  6. Me looking stunning during our trek
  7. Carla looking equally stunning
  8. Carla crossing a fast-flowing river
  1. Our beach (Haad Salad) on the island
  2. Carla posing in front of our hut
  3. Giles & Eli with cocktails
  4. Carla, Janet, Eli & Giles at dinner
  5. Ko Nang Yuan off Ko Tao where we snorkelled
  6. A view of Ko Phan-Ngan from the Catamaran
  7. Me relaxing in our hammock

Week 5 (12-18 August)

  1. Procession for the Queen's birthday
  1. Khoo Kongsi clanhouse
  2. Wooden altar inside the clanhouse
  3. Very colonial Victoria Memorial Clock Tower
  4. Grassy pedang in front of the City Hall
  5. Captain Francis Light, founder of the island
  6. A green tree snake in the Snake Temple
  7. View of Georgetown from Penang Hill
  8. A view with Butterworth in the background
  9. A Hindu temple at the top of the hill
  1. Colonial District Office
  2. Golf Club on the edge of another Pedang
  3. A rather large lizard (consider the girder size)
  4. Dozens of Hawker stalls
  1. Malay College (where Anthony Burgess taught)
  2. Pavillion Square Tower overlooking the polo
  3. The Masjid Ubudiah mosque
  1. A banana leaf curry, & me looking happy
  2. A local farm in Tanah Rata
  3. Tea-pickers on the Boh Tea Estate
  4. Boh tea fields lining the valley
  5. The tea being packaged
  6. The pickers finishing for the day
  7. A Bird of Paradise plant
  8. The Robertson Rose Garden
  9. Carla in an apiary (bee farm)
  10. A butterfly in the Butterfly Garden
  11. A HUGE stick insect in the foreground
  12. Our lovely Hillview Inn
  13. Us tucking in to a steamboat (Chinese fondue)
  14. Carla & lots more trees

Week 6 (19-25 August)

  1. Sultan Abdul Sabad Supreme Court (muslim Big Ben)
  2. The Masjid Jamek mosque
  3. The Sri Maha Mariamman hindu temple
  4. Close-up of the Petronas Towers by night
  5. The KL Tower (telecom tower)
  6. A random colonial building
  1. Muzium Budaya (wooden palace replica)
  2. Dutch Colonial Stadthuys (town hall)
  3. A good old Dutch Windmill
  4. The Chee Mansion in Chinatown
  5. A day at the beach on Pulau Besar
  1. Shopping in the multi-storey Suria KLCC
  2. The Petronas Towers by day
  3. A Branch of the Univeritsy of Nottingham
  4. The Petronas Towers from the KL Tower
  5. Another shot of the towers
  6. The rest of the city from the KL Tower
  7. Carla having curry for breakfast
  8. The roof of the Masjid Negara
  9. The busy Jalan Petaling shopping street
  10. The KL Tower and Petronas Towers again
  11. And finally back in Heathrow