Victoria's 21st Birthday, November 2003

Trip to Ronnie Scott's with Carla's family, starting in Islington

Family Griffiths take 1 Family Griffiths take 2 The birthday girl

The two sisters The obligatory shot of Carla & me All of us together

Opening an England rugby shirt Opening a birthstone ring At Ronnie Scott's

Night out in Nottingham with Victoria's uni mates

The sisters again The girls ready to go out All-important pre-party preparations

Carla at the Pitcher & Piano Louise, Victoria & Carla The party from above

The party from above Nicky, Victoria, Louise & Anna, group hug The church-like Pitcher & Piano

Victoria & Nicky, starting to get a bit blurry Getting attached to the balloons Not quite falling over

Congregating on the street outside the bar Follow the balloons Will gives Victoria a lift

Down in Trent Union Bar (finally) 2am, and the bar shuts Next morning, a much-appreciated fry-up

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