The Glastonbury Festival, July 2004

(many of these photos are from a long way away, and I still have some focusing issues with my new camera)

Day 0 - getting settled in

Natalie & Rhian queuing at The Fence From our tent towards the edge of campsite and Glastonbury Tor ... ... and towards the centre, with the cinema and dance tents

A random metal sculpture near the Green Fields Watching the football, England v Portugal - the most people watching the match anywhere in the world, apparently

Day 1 - lots of sun

Emma, Natalie and Rhian, bright and early on the 1st morning Carla with early morning tea The tipi field - strictly no tents allowed in this field

More tipis and totem poles Stone circle and Love statue, but no naked hippies Looking back towards the festival

An animal-shaped music convoy I Am Kloot at the Other Stage Nelly Furtado at the Pyramid Stage

Rhian, Helen, Emma, Carla, Suze and Tom, lounging at Nelly The Rapture at the Other Stage Damon Gough aka Badly Drawn Boy at the Other Stage

Hands in the air for Badly Drawn Boy David Dickinson seemed to be enjoying himself Franz Ferdinand on the Other Stage, live on Top of the Pops

The Kings of Leon on the Pyramid Stage as dusk draws on More long-haired Southern rock The (quite rough) crowd for Oasis, with campfires in the distance

More twinkling campfires without the crowd Oasis headlining the Pyramid Stage, Noel onscreen A blurry shot of Noel (central) and Liam (right in white)

More blurry Oasis Yet more blurry Oasis And again

The Love field by candle-light Drinking cherryade and vodka in the Love field

Again the Love field by candlelight, still no naked hippies The "working together" statue by night

Day 2 - rain and mud

Sister Sledge getting everybody straight into the mood despite the rain The girls enjoying Sister Sledge at the Pyramid Stage The policemen enjoying Sister Sledge

The 22-20s on the Other Stage as the rain really comes down Scissor Sisters cheers everyone up again The Scissor Sisters crowd at the Pyramid Stage

Jake Shears, Ana Matronic et al doing their thing Keane at the Other Stage A brief respite from the rain in the Dance Tent

Carina Round in the New Tent Longview in the New Tent The Stills in the New Tent

The Hot Club of Cow Town in the Acoustic Tent Jamie Cullum in the Jazz Tent The girls getting read for Paul McCartney with glowsticks

Everybody waving their glowsticks Macca headlining the Pyramid Stage: onscreen, take 1 Macca onscreen, take 2

Macca plays piano, take 1 Macca plays piano, take 2 Macca plays acoustic guitar

Penny Lane with billowing flags Live and Let Die with fireworks display The obligatory "Carla & Richard" shot, complete with plastic macs

Day 3 - sun and more mud

Viking helmets? Must be time for the opera ENO performing the final act of Wagner's Valkyries on the Pyramid Stage The french horn section onscreen

The Valkyries pile up bodies in front of the conductor Wotan and his cronies The warrior sisters

The Zutons on the Other Stage Carla in the sun and mud The great Neil Hannon and Divine Comedy on the Other Stage

A blurry Neil plays guitar Someone points out we're standing next to Travis Another shot of Travis

People wading through the mud Between stages in newly-aquired t-shirts The lovely Joss Stone at the Pyramid Stage

Listening to Joss on a sunny Sunday afternoon More Joss supporters The Chapel of Love & Loathing in Lost Vagueness

People renewing their vows inside the chapel Caught in a sudden downpour, we resort to binbags The Godfather of Soul, Mr Jaaaaaaaaames Brown

James Brown struts his funky stuff on the Pyramid Stage I know a place where the sun hits the sky - a break in the clouds for Supergrass Supergrass on the Pyramid Stage

The Delays in the New Tent The Delays crank it up Muse headlining the Pyramid Stage

Matt Bellamy and the band generally rocking We approve Matt Bellamy short before trashing the stage

Definitely a lighter-waving moment Tom and me in front of the Cider Bus drinking our hot spicy ciders Rhian and Emma, more fun with glowsticks

Me and Carla a few ciders down the line Us drinking with Sonia Simon, Natalie, Carla, Paul, Sonia, Rhian, Emma and John, sitting, singing and swigging

Rhian drinks from a wine bladder, Natalie assists and Emma creases up

Day 4 - going home

Packing up the tents On the coach back to Oxford

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